Why is Daqing always young

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A corner of the current Daqing Oilfield production operation area. (Photo by Zhao Yongan)

During the conference war, Wang Jinxi (middle) and the drilling workers carried the rig by shoulder to ensure the drilling operation. (Profile picture)

Research support

"Beyond authority, beyond predecessors, beyond self"

"The crude oil in Daqing Oilfield has high wax content and high freezing point, and it can only be mined if it is moved to the equator!" In 1960, as soon as the General Assembly war began, foreign experts' assertions came. A few years later, the internationally authoritative "mild and uniform water injection" development theory hit the wall in the practice of oilfield exploitation-"three years of water injection, half of water flooding, and only 5% of crude oil was produced."

What can I do if the authority theory fails?

"I believe in science more than authority!" Wang Qimin, a researcher who was less than 30 years old at the time, boldly proposed a "heterogeneous water injection" mining scheme that was completely different from foreign theories. In order to verify the scheme, he and the team took samples from wells below -30 degrees Celsius, collected and analyzed tens of millions of data, and lived in a tent full of ice for 10 years.

Over the past 10 years, Daqing crude oil production has increased at a rate of more than 20% per year. By 1976, it had achieved 50 million tons of production and climbed to the peak of production.

It is difficult to go to the top, but it is easy to go to the bottom. Many oilfield productions have turned around soon after reaching the peak. Can the "peak" continue? The key is to see if there is any capacity replacement. Wang Qimin's team also anchored off-surface reservoirs with an underground oil layer thickness of less than 0.5 meters, breaking the international consensus that the oil layer cannot be exploited with facts; breaking the old model of “liquid extraction and stable production” in high water cut periods in oil fields, and successfully exploring “stable oil” The new method of "controlling water" ... By injecting strong "technical pressure" into the oilfield, Daqing Oilfield has been stable at the "peak" of 50 million tons per year for 27 years.

"Beyond authority, beyond predecessors, beyond yourself", in the experimental building of the Daqing Oilfield Exploration and Development Research Institute, these 12 characters are particularly eye-catching. It has witnessed the 60 years of daqing oilfield to dare to challenge itself and dare to overcome difficulties. The brilliant dedication of generations of researchers in Daqing.

The stick of "beyond" passed to Wu Xiaolin's generation. Wu Xiaolin studied fine chemical engineering. In 1994, he graduated from graduate school and went to Daqing. "You studied fine chemical industry, what can you do in the oil field?" A friend urged; "If you don't do cosmetics research and development at a large company, why run from the south to the northeast to make that dead salary?" The family was puzzled.

In the mid-1990s, the Daqing Oilfield entered a high water cut period, and more than 90% of the liquid produced was water. People looked at the ternary compound flooding oil recovery technology and tried to "wash" the oil hidden in the rock pores with chemical agents. come out. If this technology is successfully applied, the oilfield can dig about 300 million tons of recoverable reserves! "Surface active agent" for "washing" oil, raw materials need to be imported from abroad, not less than 20,000 yuan per ton, the cost is too high, and mining is worthless.

Wu Xiaolin, who studies fine chemicals, firmly believes that he has great potential in the development of "surfactants." And foreign authorities asserted: "China does not have the basic raw materials for the production of surfactants, you still forget it."

Do not believe in evil! Wu Xiaolin asked his colleagues to borrow laboratory keys and use weekends and weekday evenings to squeeze people's rest time to solve the problem. In order to find alternative materials, he went to Fushun, Nanjing, and traveled to various washing plants to exchange available scraps ... ...

In order to strengthen the confidence of the relevant departments, he "plugged in with all his strength" and took the immature results to report to the leaders of the research institute. He also ran to the meeting of the leaders of the oilfield company to ask for help: the localization of surfactants must be able to To succeed, the core technology must be in our own hands!

Wu Xiaolin committed a crime, and his leader Yang Zhenyu, then director of the second research office of recovery research, was also willing to "backseat" him. The leaders of the institute asked Yang Zhenyu to consult the feasibility of the localization of the surfactant. Yang Zhenyu immediately set up a military order-he could not get it, and he was laid off!

What is it that makes this group of scientific researchers in Daqing all brave and courageous? Today, the ternary compound flooding technology has been industrialized and promoted, contributing more than 4 million tons of crude oil annually, and Wu Xiaolin can't forget:

In those years, Wang Qimin, who has retired, is still soaking in the laboratory, guiding them and other teams to do scientific research, and passing on the courage to surpass the toughness of the young generation of scientific researchers, and the hard spirit to dare to crack their bones;

In those years, large-scale experiments have been stuck. In the face of tens of millions of yuan of losses, the leaders of the research institute said leniently: "Scientific research will definitely fail, and it is not terrible to understand why it fails!" By 3 months, 500,000 US dollars of imported instruments have arrived;

In those years, Wu Xiaolin specialized in the development of surfactants, and other teams were willing to do behind-the-scenes support for technical application support-even if the difficulty is even greater, it is not as great as "everyone is in one heart, and their profits are profitable!"

Now, 25 years have passed. From water flooding, polymer flooding to ternary compound flooding, Daqing's three oil extraction technologies have been fruitful, and they have won 3 national science and technology progress special awards. In the 25 years, Wu Xiaolin has repeatedly researched and developed surfactants. Amazing international counterparts, many foreign companies dropped heavy money, "Come here and give you an annual salary of 10 million yuan." Wu Xiaolin refused.

"Remorse?" As soon as the reporter's voice fell, Wu Xiaolin choked. He brought up the old leader Yang Zhenyu--

In 2009, Yang Zhenyu died of liver cancer. When colleague collating his desk, he found a 2000 admission letter from the Chinese Academy of Sciences for PhD students. People only know that in the year when he issued the military order, at the most crucial moment in surfactant research, he silently gave up the opportunity to read a Ph.D. and devoted himself to tackling key problems.

Overseas business

Let "Daqing Spirit" and "Iron Man Spirit" go abroad

A leopard approached a little, a little from the grass, ready to rise, jump, and swoop ...

"Bang!" Xie Yuxin, who was looking down at the wiping tool, accidentally dropped the pipe wrench in his hand and hit the cable winch with a muffled sound. The leopard was startled, and the arrows generally rushed towards the outside of the well field ... "Oh my god, it's dangerous!" Xie Yuxin looked up at the scene and was shocked with cold sweat.

This is a tropical rain forest in Sumatra, Indonesia. Swamps are swarming, mosquitoes are swarming, beasts and venomous snakes appear from time to time, and the two electric pump wells served by Daqing Oilfield Lishen Pump Industry Co., Ltd. are located here. Xie Yuxin, who is out of danger at Baokou, is the company's project manager in Indonesia and has been responsible for equipment sales and maintenance since 2003.

In addition to facing the harsh environment and possible danger at any time, we also have to face the cold eyes of the foreign party.

As the captain of the overseas 1205 drilling team, Li Xinmin led the team that the iron man Wang Jinxi brought to South Sudan and went abroad for the first time. However, the brand of "1205 Drilling Team" did not give the local a high glance: the language level was half-hanging, and they did not understand Party A's supervision instructions; international standards, specifications, etc. were not accurate, and related operations did not meet the requirements ...

In the eyes of outsiders, this team is justified in terms of drilling equipment. The next year, Party A had to play horizontal wells and find a drilling team, but he only wanted to borrow equipment and still wanted to find another job. Li Xinmin felt bitter for a while.

At the beginning of this century, the overseas business of Daqing Oilfield has just begun. The encounters between Xie Yuxin and Li Xinmin have not experienced much for every Daqing person who "goes out."

The new environment is "not convinced"? Li Xinmin ruled with "spiritual disobedience". A few days later, he found Party A, explicitly refused to borrow equipment, and sent a detailed analysis of horizontal well drilling technology.

The president of Party A ’s operation department was surprised. After thinking about it for a few days, he uttered a sentence: "I believe you once. This well is very important. It will be abolished. I will be the first to be fired. You will be the second. ! "

It is very difficult to drill horizontal wells, and the local geological conditions are complicated. Li Xinmin knew in his heart that if he wanted to "porcelain work", he would have to come out with "Diamond Diamond".

During those days, Li Xinmin took the team to analyze the local stratum situation and sorted out more than 20 operational essentials; compared with international standards and combined with possible problems, made a full set of plans; once the rig was drilled, the temperature was more than 50 degrees This group of young people from the Northeast "struck hard to breathe", but they all lived and lived in the well, strictly controlled the technology, and paid close attention to every parameter ...

Here, Li Xinmin relies on strong technology to "fight hard"; on the other hand, Xie Yuxin relies on good service to "fight."

At that time, many of Daqing Oilfield's services in Indonesia were offshore production platforms, all of which were at sea more than 100 nautical miles from the land. The equipment broke down in the middle of the night. Xie Yuxin took the speedboat to go to sea.

The sea is wide and the waves are often violently stormy. At night, the dinghy swelled one or two meters high on the surface of the sea without a seat belt. Xie Yuxin tied himself with a rope ...

At the end of 2005, Xie Yuxin once returned to 300 nautical miles in two days, rushed to the oil production platform on a rainy night, and worked for more than 20 hours. After 1 o'clock in the middle of the night, the fault was eliminated, and he hurried back to the headquarters of Party A to report ... Day and night, the emergency service response cycle never exceeds 1 hour.

Relying on technology and hard work, Daqing people have earned a reputation overseas.

"Is this what you call the" Iron Man Spirit "?" The staff returned to Party A's headquarters that day, and the staff asked Xie Yuxin with admiration and gave a thumbs up.

Li Xinmin's drilling team not only scored high-quality horizontal wells, but was 11 days ahead of schedule. The president of Party A's operations department also said, "In the future, all horizontal wells in this block will be given priority for you to play!"

More than ten years have passed, and now, from a single product service to exploration and development, engineering construction, production, operation and maintenance, and other fields, Daqing is going faster and faster, and the level of integrated services is getting higher and higher. Behind this, it is still the energy of the Daqing Battle that year-

Armed with artemisinin, they walked into Sumatra, where malaria is frequent; they went into the turbulent Iraq with artillery fire; sometimes bombs exploded not far away, and sometimes they were stopped by terrorists with guns ... but none of them , Evacuated without instructions.

They brought the "Daqing Spirit" and "Iron Man Spirit" out of the country. At the same time, they also greatly expanded the capacity space of the Daqing Oilfield, with operations covering 26 countries and regions in the five major regions, including the Middle East, Central Asia, Asia-Pacific, Africa, and the Americas. Last year, the 41.67 million tons of oil and gas equivalent achieved by Daqing Oilfield included 6.17 million tons of equity production from overseas.

Today, Li Xinmin is the manager of the Middle East Branch of Daqing Oilfield; Xie Yuxin is the director of the Market Development Department of Daqing Oilfield, responsible for overseas market planning. Xie Yuxin showed reporters a plan for future oil and gas equivalent production in Daqing Oilfield. By the year 10059 of the discovery of Daqing Oilfield, the annual oil and gas equivalent will remain above 40 million tons. He pointed to the rising crude oil production line year by year. "Look, then overseas crude oil will account for more than half of the total output!"

Improve efficiency

"'Three Lao Si Yan' will always be the root and soul of Daqing people"

As soon as I shook hands, Zhang Ye was a tough guy—a series of knife marks crawled from the fingers to the back of his hands.

No, for 23 years from 1996 to the present, he has been beaten at the grassroots level for a long time from the oil producer, deputy captain, captain, deputy head of the mine to the head of the Mining Mine of the No. 1 oil recovery plant.

Years are silent, but leave marks. At the beginning of this century, he served as the captain of the 206 oil recovery team in the second mine of the first oil recovery plant. At the time when the oilfield was in production, more than 200 wells had to be managed, of which there were more than 20 wells with a daily output of hundreds of tons. However, Zhang Huan found that the total output of the team often failed to meet expectations. After confirming that there were no problems in pipeline metering, he suddenly realized that someone had stolen oil! Zhang Ye personally led a class night inspection and arrested several gangs, during which fierce confrontations occurred many times, leaving many marks on the back of his hands and head.

The wounds are easy to heal, and the root cause of the management is difficult to heal: workers snoring on duty at night, walking through the field during inspections, and even individual employees seeing that someone steals oil.

What is the tradition of Daqing? What are the requirements for post accountability? A big discussion of ideas spread across the team. Zhang Ye started from himself, and the deputy team leader and team leader went down one level at a time. In the meantime, it was found that there were still people playing cards while on duty. The team leader suggested to criticize it, but Zhang Ye relentlessly ordered them to check at the team meeting.

The captain Zhang is really famous for his strict management and strict management in the oilfield. A year later, the whole team was judged, and the backward team entered the silver team. In Zhang Jian's view, such ideological discussions and strict management are the good traditions that Daqing has continued for many years.

In the 1960s, a fire at a water injection station in the oil field burned out management loopholes and burned the "post responsibility system". In the four oil recovery teams in the oil recovery plant one, workers accidentally squashed the scraper for production. Wanting to conceal the past, the team cadres started discussions throughout the team when they discovered it. "To treat the revolutionary cause, we must be honest, tell the truth, and do the truth; we must have strict requirements, strict organization, a serious attitude, and strictness in our work. "Discipline", "three old and four strict" spirit began.

For many years, grass-roots party organizations in every corner of the Daqing Oilfield have insisted on the party construction work to inherit and innovate, focus on production and start with thinking. This kind of discussion has been integrated into daily life in the Daqing Oilfield.

"One tile check style"-part of the tiles of a pool in the West Water Source of Daqing Oilfield Water Supply Company fell and no one managed it for a long time. After the company leader found out, he organized a discussion with all the staff members and reflected on "what we lost from one tile";

“A wrench broke the 'eight non-transfer method'” — The workers of the light hydrocarbon fraction company slipped out of the wrench during a high tower operation and nearly injured the inspection workers. The investigation found that the tools were not cleaned during the shift. The company reflected Discuss and formulate the "eight non-transfer" specifications such as "the tools are not intact and not transferred, the operating parameters are not normal and not transferred";

"Find a gap in the face of gold medals"-a gold medal substation evaluation, the power company Xinghuo once substation so won 96 gold medals, employees are very happy. But after returning, the company started a big discussion of "finding the gap in the face of gold medals", because 0.5 of the 4 points deducted were due to employees dropping a drop of ink on the operating records. "A small mistake may cause equipment failure when it is critical. Even production accidents. "

Entering a new era, Daqing has not only strengthened its management steps, but also used digital and intelligent construction to add management technology wings: "Post Responsibility System" to achieve informatization, the responsibilities of each post are refined to the grassroots operation and management manuals, online It can be checked and completed daily "online check-in"; the management achieves "centralized monitoring, unattended", the computer will report an alarm when the equipment is operating abnormally, and the on-duty personnel can handle it directly by controlling on the computer ...

Although entering the construction period of "smart oilfields", when Zhang Jian, the mine manager, was still so fine in management and strict in management. The implementation of professional management of teams and groups throughout the mine is something new in recent years.

Replacement of belts, roving inspections, admission data, etc. Minmetals oil miner Wang Zhonghui used to do the same as everyone else, "do regular work, eat big pot rice". Now, according to the characteristics of each person, "dedicated work". Wang Zhong would study well and was arranged to maintain the belt of the oil well. He and the two members pulled out a great benefit from one belt.

Energy saving: In the past, whoever worked on the belt adjusted it, or it was too loose or too tight. The former affected oil production, while the latter increased power consumption. Nowadays, special personnel perform delicate maintenance, and each elastic belt is tightly pinched, which guarantees efficiency and saves electricity.

Consumption reduction: In 2016, each oil well of Minmetals replaced 5 belts annually. At present, Wang Zhong will put a rain cover on the belt in rainy days; use new belts for oil wells with heavy loads, and use old belts for oil wells with low loads after a while; waste belts can be reused and partially transformed to become waste ... For each oil well in Minmetals, only one belt is changed for one year. This alone saves 1 million yuan per year.

It also produces more oil: In the past, the belt running rate was 96%, and now it reaches 98%. Each time the hour rate is increased, according to the number of mines in the mining area, an additional 15 tons of oil are produced in a day ...

"The times have improved, and good traditions cannot be lost." Zhang Huan said, "the" post responsibility system "of the three elders and four stricts" is always the root and soul of Daqing people. "


Create a century-old oilfield with high and stable production

What is the relationship between lipstick and oil well?

Da Li, the senior technician of the No. 2 Oil Recovery Plant, “sweet away” is amazing: In the past, oil leaked from the wellhead. When replacing the sealing ring of the cylindrical packing box, you need to take a screwdriver to dig it out. , And will wear the polished rod in the packing box.

Looking at the lipstick, Liu Li's brain was wide open-a rotating base was set under the packing box, and the damaged seal was "turned out" like a lipstick. The adjustable packing box designed by Liu Li not only saves time and improves efficiency, but also greatly reduces wear and tear and improves the service life of polished rods.

What is even more unexpected is that this gizmo came out in 2000, and it has been updated and developed for 5 generations. The fifth-generation product launched this year, Liu Li installed it with a set of spring devices, which saves electricity by 11 degrees per day.

After 20 years of insisting on doing a good job, Liu Li said with a smile, "I have been stepping on the drum of reform."

In these years, she has drawn up a team: from the beginning, she organized a group of technicians for every production problem to the establishment of "Liu Li Studio", and developed to collect 531 members including 11 majors in oil production, testing, and machinery. Behind these are Daqing's continuous integration of grass-roots technological innovation resources, exploration of complementary professional types of work, common production challenges, and the integration of technological innovation into the production line.

The core reform is to link innovation results with benefits. Not only can rewards be extracted according to the actual application of the production line, but the results are also included in the evaluation of the promotion of technical titles. Earlier this year, Liu Lihe and the other five members of the studio became the technical experts of CNPC with an annual average of more than 20 innovation achievements.

Continuously promote the reform of the system and mechanism to stimulate the vitality of innovation and efficiency. The people in Daqing Oilfield Company have a clear idea: Daqing's high and stable production depends on technology, and Daqing's vitality depends on reform.

Many people still remember that in early 2003, Daqing rewarded each contributor to technological innovation with a car. This was called a "rare thing" in those days. Nowadays, there are more and more such "rare things"-

Wu Xiaolin "resigned"!

In 2017, Wu Xiaolin went to the leader and asked for his resignation. He resigned from the position of chief engineer of the Exploration and Development Research Institute of the Oilfield Company. "Let me be this official and have meetings every day, which is a loss for Daqing!"

It turned out that Daqing promoted the “dual-sequence” reform of administrative and technical posts in its research institutions, and established a growth platform for researchers with different development wishes. Wu Xiaolin was hired as a first-level expert from an oilfield company. Although he resigned, his salary and other benefits remained unchanged. This reform allowed more than 70 people, including Wu Xiaolin, to leave their leadership positions and concentrate on R & D.

Wu Xiaolin's assistant "raised"!

As a researcher on Wu Xiaolin's team, Zhang Xiaoqin is only a sub-level, but there are three oil field company leaders at her level who are experts and work together to complete a major project.

In 2016, Daqing Oilfield implemented the reform of the project system for major scientific and technological research projects. The project team leader was openly hiring, not just seniority and level. With the advantages involved in the research on the recovery factors of the first, second and third reservoirs, Zhang Xiaoqin stood out ...

At the pace of reform, more and more people in Daqing feel that "the value is greater, and the work is more motivated." The development of Daqing Oilfield is full of vigor.

There is a “post move” in tapping domestic potential-Wu Xiaolin demonstrated to reporters the latest microbial flooding technology: injecting microbial flooding into the ground, and through chemical action, some difficult-to-exploit petroleum can be produced in the form of natural gas. At the stage of experimental demonstration, the annual gas output per gram of crude oil can reach more than 150 ml, and the oil and gas conversion rate is more than 10%! "

In accordance with the development plan of "15 years ahead of research, 10 years ahead of trials, and 5 years ahead of schedule", Daqing has reserved a batch of such technologies.

The potential of the foreign market is huge. In recent years, the fruitful three-stage oil recovery technology has begun to go out with Daqing's overseas teams. Wu Xiaolin introduced: "At present, we are working with relevant countries to conduct three pilot tests of oil recovery technology. After the test is successful, our overseas equity oil production will have a greater breakthrough!"

When interviewing Sun Longde, Secretary of the Party Committee of Daqing Oilfield, the reporter once again saw the future oil and gas equivalent production plan—by 2059, the Daqing Oilfield will maintain an annual oil and gas equivalent of more than 40 million tons. Sun Longde said: "Reform will inspire wisdom, wisdom and will, and it is Daqing's never-ending high-yield oil field! Our dream, more than 40 million tons?" (Reporter Wang Yibiao Fei Weiwei Wu Qiqiang Sun Zhen)

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